Moments captured with our customer

Sweet Moment


A tasty Indian cracker

Mariamman Temple

Trying their best to understand the rituals


Fresh garland for offerings in Hinduism

Banana leaf meal

Eating with you hands is not that hard.


Overlooking the majestic clock tower

The confluence

Jamek Mosque at the river confluence

Beauty Deity

Gorgeous looking Aussies

Barber Mural

Having a haircut at Chinatown

Tissue bread

Wow, this is amazing


A red mark placed on your foreheaf

Porta de Santiago

Melaka World Heritage Site

Mother daughters trip

Overlooking the colonial buildings

KL Tower

Having fun at the Sky deck

Jamek Mosque

Wearing a checkered sarong


A local handicraft

Let's walk together!

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We are a group of Licensed Tourist Guide accredited by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia focussing on walks surrounding Kuala Lumpur and Melaka

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